Foamy Tide At Garryvoe Beach

My biggest painting to date (1 metre x 80cm). The whole idea for it belongs to my older sister Claire. Shortly after last Christmas, she came to me with the idea for doing a picture of the sea when the froth is foamy and thick. I liked the idea because I haven’t seen many paintings of such a view. The picture is based on a photo taken on New Year’s Eve. I took loads of shots and spent time observing the ebb and flow of the tide. 99% of the painting was done with my thin Dalon rigger brush. I was determined to finish it without doing anything else, so for four months I kept at it. I used a palette knife to deposit much Titanium White as an undercoat for the foamy froth in the foreground.


5 thoughts on “Foamy Tide At Garryvoe Beach

  1. This is amazing, as is all your work. “Landscape Artist” don’t know what they missed. If this isn’t sold could you let me know how much this is?

  2. Stunning work. I had to see more of Niall’s work after being blown away by this painting when it was shown on Landscape Painter of the Year. Just spent ages scrolling down all the other work. This one still holds the title for me 🙂

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