Twilit Winter Sky

Twilit Winter Sky

I think this is the lowest horizon I’ve ever put on a painting, but then it’s all about the sky.

Grandfather Dan on his Fordson – Sold

Grandfather Dan on his Fordson

This painting is based on a black and white photograph taken on 22nd January 1943. My paternal grandfather Daniel T McCarthy is sitting on his newly bought Fordson tractor. The orange model was made from 1939 – 42. Behind the tractor is a plough. Much of the ploughs in Ireland were still horse drawn at that time. My grandfather was a forward thinking man in terms of farm machinery and this tractor was the very latest in tractor technology at that time. I didn’t know him, he died in 1973. The original photograph had a glare that obscured much of the engine detail. Also the very front of the tractor was cut off in the photo, so I had to consult the original negative plate to get it right. So I spent WAY too much time on this. I faded the colour in the sky to make it look colder and blurred the detail in the ground and background so the tractor stands out more.

View of Ballingwilling Strand Looking East – Sold

View of Ballingwilling Strand Looking East

This was painted in early Spring, 2012 and to keep out of the cold air, I would sit in the front passenger seat of my car and paint what I saw outside the windscreen. This is a nice, quiet beach about a mile east of Garryvoe beach.