Flashlit Spider and Web

Flashlit Spider and Web

My sisters helped me choose this subject matter. It’s very unusual and I’m pleased that I didn’t use a ruler to do the straight threads of the web, all freehand.

Blackbird in a Sunbeam – Sold

Blackbird in a Sunbeam

My second oils painting. Normally, blackbirds look jet black but this fellow was in blinding sunlight that picked up subtle browns and blues.

Ballycotton Church in the Rain

Ballycotton Church in the Rain

The idea for this was in my mind for a few months before I executed it. I wanted to do a view looking up at a building with it illuminated at night and the rain pouring around it. This church is on a height in a village, 3 miles from where I live. I wanted to do something different and memorable. I worked off a reference photo taken two days after Christmas, 2010.