Kilcredan Ruined Church and Graveyard

Kilcredan Ruined Church and Graveyard

This place is about two miles from home. When I was small I’d pass it everyday heading to and from primary school. Some of my father’s mother’s ancestors are buried here. The church is an old 17th century Protestant church. This is the third painting of a graveyard I’ve done. Snow is a rare thing where I live so it’s featured in only a handful of my paintings. I had trouble doing the tree over on the far left and the walls of the church, they slowed me down a lot. Once I was on the bottom third of the painting I raced through it. The light coloured shadows of dirty purple and light blue were satisfying to paint.

Ballycotton Church in the Rain

Ballycotton Church in the Rain

The idea for this was in my mind for a few months before I executed it. I wanted to do a view looking up at a building with it illuminated at night and the rain pouring around it. This church is on a height in a village, 3 miles from where I live. I wanted to do something different and memorable. I worked off a reference photo taken two days after Christmas, 2010.

Garryvoe Church and Graveyard

Garryvoe Church and Graveyard

About half a mile from my home stands an old Medival church, surrounded by headstones dating as early as the late 18th century. It’s one of the most intact churches in the region. I was pleased with the soft indirect lighting effect on the stonework. I spent over a month painting it.