Kilcredan Ruined Church and Graveyard

Kilcredan Ruined Church and Graveyard

This place is about two miles from home. When I was small I’d pass it everyday heading to and from primary school. Some of my father’s mother’s ancestors are buried here. The church is an old 17th century Protestant church. This is the third painting of a graveyard I’ve done. Snow is a rare thing where I live so it’s featured in only a handful of my paintings. I had trouble doing the tree over on the far left and the walls of the church, they slowed me down a lot. Once I was on the bottom third of the painting I raced through it. The light coloured shadows of dirty purple and light blue were satisfying to paint.

Autumnal Briar Leaves 3 – Sold

Autumnal Briar Leaves

This is the third painting I’ve done on this subject. The background is actually dark green rather than black. These briar leaves were the first ones I found when I was walking in Rostellan Wood, which is the same place that I sourced the briar leaves used in the first two paintings.

Autumnal Still Life

Autumnal Still Life

Painted from life. I had to make an arrangement of various autumnal nuts and leaves and referred off of it. I wanted to keep the arrangement loose, and have a circular effect to go with the swirling, vortex-like background. Used Payne’s Grey for the first time, in the background. Satisfied with the overall result.