Autumnal Briar Leaves 3 – Sold

Autumnal Briar Leaves

This is the third painting I’ve done on this subject. The background is actually dark green rather than black. These briar leaves were the first ones I found when I was walking in Rostellan Wood, which is the same place that I sourced the briar leaves used in the first two paintings.

Autumnal Still Life

Autumnal Still Life

Painted from life. I had to make an arrangement of various autumnal nuts and leaves and referred off of it. I wanted to keep the arrangement loose, and have a circular effect to go with the swirling, vortex-like background. Used Payne’s Grey for the first time, in the background. Satisfied with the overall result.

Autumnal Briar Leaves 2

Autumnal Briar Leaves 2

From Rostellan Wood. I rarely repeat the same subject matter one after the other, but I had such a good time with the first briar leaves painting that I had enough appetite to do a similar subject. Anyway the colour scheme is very different to the other briar leaves painting!