Autumnal Briar Leaves 3 – Sold

Autumnal Briar Leaves

This is the third painting I’ve done on this subject. The background is actually dark green rather than black. These briar leaves were the first ones I found when I was walking in Rostellan Wood, which is the same place that I sourced the briar leaves used in the first two paintings.

Autumnal View of Garryvoe

Autumnal View Of Garryvoe Watermark

I hadn’t painted for 6 months before I started this. I was determined to make a highly detailed painting as I was a little disappointed with the previous painting’s foreground. Based on a reference photo; the day I took it I wasn’t in the area, I was down by the prom walk in Garryvoe and noticed bales in the field on the higher ground. When I got there I found that they were in every field towards the sea. So I spent the next 6 months painting. The last 3 were spent on the foreground, doing those stubbles trying to depict the sunlight reflecting off of them. No compromise!