Autumnal View of Garryvoe

Autumnal View Of Garryvoe Watermark

I hadn’t painted for 6 months before I started this. I was determined to make a highly detailed painting as I was a little disappointed with the previous painting’s foreground. Based on a reference photo; the day I took it I wasn’t in the area, I was down by the prom walk in Garryvoe and noticed bales in the field on the higher ground. When I got there I found that they were in every field towards the sea. So I spent the next 6 months painting. The last 3 were spent on the foreground, doing those stubbles trying to depict the sunlight reflecting off of them. No compromise!

Two Moonlit Bales

Two Moonlit Bales

This is the only time I’ve done a painting based on another one of my paintings. Following on from the painting of the two bales I did at night. I decided to do something more detailed. I’m not sure if it’s a better painting than the one I did in the open air. Certainly the experience of painting this wasn’t worth remembering!

Two Bales in the Moonlight

Two Bales in the Moonlight

On a Saturday night, 3rd March, 2007, I did a painting under a full moon outside in the field around my home. It was one of those exceptional painting experiences. The air was cold and damp so the paint didn’t dry quickly like acrylics normally do. So a streaky effect was the result. I spent over an hour at it. For my trouble I had a rotten cold the following week!

Bales in the Strand Field

Bales in the Strand Field

This is a view just outside home of our field that borders Garryvoe Beach. Painted from life over several weekends from 14th January to 17th February, 2007. I was lucky with the weather; it was remarkablly settled at the time. I wanted to show the vastness of the field and give a sense of perspective with the bales.