I Live Inside My Head

Dead Wood

Dead Wood Watermark

An old piece of dead Elm bark from the farm.  The most interesting thing I’ve ever painted.

Dreamscape 3 Mother Encounters A Dead Seal

Dreamscape 3 Mother Encounters A Dead Seal

The Alta

The Alta Watermark

Prints and posters of ‘The Alta’ here

Orion And Its Neighbours Over Ballycotton Island

Orion & Co. Over Ballycotton Island 2

Frosty Dead Plants

Frosty Dead Plants

Came about totally by accident; walking in a public garden with my sister in early January, 2011 and came across this foliage, partially frost covered. I find spontaneity very important to art, as it keeps the process fresh and interesting. This is one of my personal favourites.

Cloyne Round Tower – Sold

Cloyne Round Tower

Painted this in two and a half weeks in December 2009. Used artistic licence in the clouds and the tower itself. The clouds are coloured more purple than reality, while the shaded stones are green; I thought they’d go nicely with the sky. Cloyne is a nearby village, with a history stretching back to the 6th century. Sold.